🎱 EIGHT 4️⃣ EIGHT 🎱 

Been missing out on MLT CLUB 🔐 winners?  Why not try MLT Club for 8 days for just £8, starting Saturday 23rd January to 30th January 2021


💥Below are some of our MLT CLUB winners since MLT Club launched in July 2020💥

✅Spirit Of Rowdown 50/1 💣Won

✅Pallas Dancer 40/1 💣Won

✅Red For All 20/1 💣Won

✅Champagne Highlife 20/1 (R4) 💣Won

✅Gordonstoun 18/1 💣Won

✅Feldspar 14/1 💣Won

✅Top Attraction 14/1 💣Won

✅Party Island 14/1 💣Won

✅Daheer 12/1 💣Won

✅The Armed Man 12/1 💣Won

✅May Night 11/1 (R4) 💣Won

✅Karibana 11/1 💣Won

✅Roundhay Park 10/1 💣Won

✅Alkumait 9/1 💣Won

✅Count Otto 9/1 💣Won

✅Atalanta Breeze 9/1 💣Won

✅Deftera Lad 9/1 💣Won

✅King Charles 9/1 💣Won

✅Zylan 8/1 💣Won

✅Global Warning 8/1 💣Won

✅Acklam Express 8/1 💣Won

✅The Black Squirrel 8/1 💣Won

If you have hesitated or not sure if you want recurring monthly payments through Paypal then this may be for you. 

We have been listening to your feedback and decided to offer this as an alternative option '🎱 4️⃣ 🎱', eight days of MLT CLUB🔐 selections with a one off payment (not recurring) of, you guessed it, £8!

Eight days, starting this Saturday 23rd January through to and including Saturday 30th January 2021  

Eight days, eight quid, thats it, not recurring, no 'contract' just a one off payment.

To register for ''🎱 4️⃣ 🎱'' simply pay £8 via Paypal OR Bank transfer if you prefer. Send us an email with your Telegram username which you can do in 'settings' (if you have not got 'Telegram' yet you can download the 'Telegram Messenger' app free from the app store). Once you have the app to get a username you need to go into 'settings' to set one up.

Paypal - info@mylittletip.co.uk is our account


Bank Transfer

Account:  'MY LITTLE TIP'

Sort code:  20-79-31

Account number:  93227960

Email us once paid at - info@mylittletip.co.uk with your Telegram username and you're in for the 8 day trial!

Please note we cannot add you to the Telegram '🎱 4️⃣ 🎱' Group without your Telegram username, this needs setting up in 'settings'.

*Membership is subject to our terms and conditions. Please allow upto 2 hours for us to process your application to MLT Club, especially during busy periods. We do not offer refunds either in part or in full and profit is not guaranteed whatsoever. We reserve the right to refuse membership should we wish to do so.