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Welcome to the MLT horse race syndicate ownership page.

Ever wanted to become an owner of a racehorse? There is nothing quite like the thrill of owning your own racehorse and with the MLT owners syndicate you can do just that.


This is your chance to join in on one of our race horse syndicates and become a part owner of a racehorse. The benefit of being part of a MLT owners syndicate is that it's fully managed and much more feasible than going it alone, which can be a daunting task, and yet still enjoy all the pleasures and excitement of being an owner.

We will be purchasing horses at the 2020 yearling/foal/HIT sales this autumn/winter and will be offering shares in each horse individually. Once we have purchased the horses you can choose the horse/s you'd like to purchase a share (minimum 1.0%). The difference between our owners syndicate and a 'racing club' is that you will actually own part of the horse, not just a certificate with hundreds of other club members!


  • Syndicate members own a direct proportion of each horse they purchase shares in and receive their share of all prize money and proceeds when the horse is sold less any outstanding expenses.

  • View the horse as he/she settles in in their new yard.

  • Organised yard visit in spring and an early morning trip to the gallops!

  • We manage the horses and the syndicate for a fee which is included in the quotes for each individual horse eliminating the day-to-day administration and hassle of horse ownership paperwork.

  • Each syndicate owner with 10% share or more will receive two owners badges when their horse runs and a ballot will take place for remaining tickets should owners with less than 10% who wish to go and watch– we organise all ticketing (please note with Covid restrictions this may affect ticketing)

  • Spring trainers yard morning and further arranged visits throughout the season

  • Regular news, entries, declarations, results, photo, videos and updates on all MLT horses via Telegram group

  • Horses will be typically sold at the end of their three-year-old season, thus syndicate owners commitments are not open ended.

  • Initial payment to cover all fees until 1st April 2021 and then a monthly standing order. Prices will vary from horse to horse and on trainers individual fees.


For details please email

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