Your Questions and Answers

What time are selections sent to MLT CLUB?

Times can vary but generally speaking around 8.30am to 11.30am but either way they will be sent to MLT CLUB 🔐as soon as is possible. On the odd occasion they may be the night before or even on the afternoon of the race

Will the Nap be sent to MLT CLUB🔐 Members

Yes. MLT CLUB🔐 members will receive the Nap.

Will the other selection besides the Nap be sent to MLT CLUB🔐 Members?

Yes. It is the only way you can get all the horse racing selections

Do the selections still go tho the free Telegram group?

Selections will still be sent to MLT CLUB🔐 first with points to be staked and price available. Later the selections may, on occasion, be sent to the free Telegram group but obviously the price may well have gone and some days when we are busy we may not post it at all. 

How do I receive the selections?

Selections are sent to a private MLT CLUB🔐 'Telegram' group as this is in 'real time' and ensures everyone gets them at same time.

How do I get access to the private Telegram/Twitter groups?

Once you have subscribed to MLT CLUB 🔐 we will contact you with details on how you will be added to these private groups. We will need your Telegram username so make sure you have one set up

How many selections are there per day?

Selections can vary greatly from 2-6 per day and on rare occasions possibly more/less.

How should we stake and what kind of float would you advise?

We advise 'points' on each selection and advise a betting float of a minimum of 100 points, ideally 200 or more. The minimum bet is 0.25 points, the maximum is 5 points although there will be very few a year over 2 points. You may wish to gradually increase/decrease stakes per point as your float increases/decreases. 

Will prices go quickly once they are sent?

Most likely. We highly recommend that you use the Telegram service to obtain prices as they can go quickly and these are only available in 'real time' by Telegram. We recommend you turn your notifications on. You can get the 'Telegram Messenger' app from the app store, it is a free download.

Will there be a selection every day?

No, there may be the odd days with no selections.

What else do I get when I join MLT-Club🔐?

Click HERE for a list of what else you will receive.

Will I win every day?

No. If you need to win every day this is probably not the service for you. However, please go to our 'Selections' tab for previous results of our other selections.

Do you guarantee that I will win money?

We offer no guarantee of profit whatsoever and past results are no guarantee of future profit. We have been posting our selections free since 2018 on social media with our results published there and on the Free Telegram group since early 2020

Can I cancel annual membership at any time?

Not on the annual membership, we offer no refunds or guarantees. However on the monthly service you can cancel the recurring payments through Paypal and you will continue to receive selections until the last 'paid' month has expired.

Why have you gone paid?

Mylittletip was started by one person in 2018 from scratch. As the company grew more and more staff joined Mylittletip to cope with the increased work load. Naturally as with any company it couldn't remain free forever and was financially heavily subsidised to remain free for as long as possible but there was no other option than to make a nominal charge at some point. 

On the selections page you have recorded the monthly Nap results for 2018 & 2019 but in 2020 you have recorded ALL the results, why is that?

In 2018 & 2019 we gave just a Nap on the vast majority of days and averaged less than 1 selection a day during those two years. However when we launched the Telegram Group in early 2020 we gave more selections (averaging 3/4 a day in 2020) so it was only fair for transparency to include all results, warts and all!