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July winners..

Jeans Maite 18/1
Solomons Judgement 16/1

Nap Flibbertigibbet 12/1

World of Windhover 12/1 (10pR4)

Corinithia Knight 17/2

Eternal Glory 8/1

Nap Fast Response 5/1

and 9/2, 9/2, 9/2, 4/1, 10/3, 3/1, 11/4, 5/2, 5/2, 9/4, 11/5, 2/1,13/8 & 5/4 winners

Also each way selections placed 66/1, 22/1, 20/1, 14/1, 12/1, 9/1, 9/1, 13/2, 6/1, 11/2

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Welcome to MLT.

MLT is a horse racing and sports website that analyses sport using computer assisted modelling based on several years of data and research.

Our computer modelling selections can be accessed in 'real time' by joining 'MLT Club'. These selections often prove very popular in the betting market and therefore the prices can often go extremely quickly so we send selections via a 'Telegram Messenger' group, offering real time alerts without the need to log in or keep refreshing a page to see them. You may need to go to the App store first to download the free 'Telegram Messenger' app. Once you have that you can join our exclusive MLT CLUB by clicking HERE. Then simply turn notifications on and sit back and relax as the selections ping up on your mobile/tablet device. The selections are normally sent to MLT Club members between 8.30am and 10.00am (with an alert prior to despatch), although the time can vary on any given day depending on market prices.

📰 LATEST- A small sample of just some of many winners since we launched MLT Club

✅Spirit Of Rowdown 50/1💣Won

✅Pallas Dancer 40/1💣Won

✅Red For All 20/1💣Won

✅Champagne Highlife 20/1 (R4) 💣Won

✅Jeans Maite 18/1 💣Won

✅Gordonstoun 18/1 💣Won

Solomons Judgement 16/1 💣Won

Double Legend 16/1 💣Won

We Still Believe 14/1 💣Won

Feldspar 14/1 💣Won

Top Attraction 14/1 💣Won

Party Island 14/1 💣Won

✅Tathmeen12/1 💣Won

✅World Of Windhover 12/1 (R4) 💣Won

✅Cheat 12/1 💣Won

✅Daheer 12/1 💣Won

✅Newton Jack 12/1 💣Won

✅Flibbertigibbet 12/1 💣Won

✅The Armed Man 12/1 💣Won

✅Green Book 11/1 💣Won

✅May Night 11/1 (R4) 💣Won

✅Karibana 11/1 💣Won

✅Dylan's Lad 10/1 💣Won

✅King Victor 10/1 💣Won

✅Wise Eagle 10/1 💣Won

✅Roundhay Park 10/1 💣Won

✅King Charles 9/1 💣Won

✅Alkumait 9/1 💣Won

✅Atalanta Breeze 9/1 💣Won

✅Muhalhel 9/1 💣Won

✅Aguerooo 9/1 💣Won

✅Deftera Lad 9/1 💣Won

✅Count Otto 9/1 💣Won

Today's Selections

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Selections are posted on a dedicated 'Telegram' group every day, just click here for details.

On our 'Winners' page you will also see some very impressive results since we started this service in summer 2018. Check them out!


📊 ALL selections combined

🐴 517.00 Points Staked 

🧮 602.795 Points Returned

💰  85.795 Points Profit

📈 16.595% ROI+

Last updated 24th July 2021 11.00am


📊ALL selections combined

🐴  856.50 Points Staked 

🧮  1036.43 Points Returns

💰  179.925 PointsProfit

📈  21.01% ROI+

(*2020 Results based on level staking plan, win only, up to 12 July 2020 as sent free to Telegram group. MLT CLUB launched on 13 July 2020. From 13 July onwards 'points' staked on each selection as advised to MLT CLUB members only as per staking instructions)




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