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Welcome to My Little Tip.

Here at My Little Tip we analyse data on horse racing and create computer assisted models to provide us with an accurate guide to a horses chance of winning a specified race. We then use this price to highlight value compared to the actual prices offered by bookmakers.


So, what is MLT CLUB 🔐?

It is an exclusive members club where you can obtain the above mentioned 'value' horse racing selections.

💥 Decent winners in 2024💥 

✅Al Marmar 12/1 ✅Always Fearless 11/1 ✅Flag Carrier 8/1✅Zola Power 8/1 ✅Street Life 15/2✅Daytona Lady 15/2  ✅Inexplicable 15/2 ✅Hiatus 6/1✅Sea The Buckthorn 6/1 (r4) ✅Path To Dubai 11/2✅Metvaverse w/o Fav 5/1✅Albasheer 9/2 ✅Old Chums 9/2✅Green Power 9/2 ✅No News 4/1 ✅Dingle 4/1

💥 Big priced winners in 2023💥 

✅Greysful Storm 40/1 ✅Big Evs 40/1 ✅Roar Emotion 40/1 ✅Aljadel 33/1 ✅Ectocross 28/1  ✅Another Baar 25/1✅Brummell 22/1✅Admiral D 22/1✅Rodborough 20/1✅Airshow 16/1 ✅Mayfair Gold 14/1✅Royal Bliss 14/1✅Poetic Force 14/1✅Struck Gold 12/1✅Lakota Blue 12/1✅Autumn Flight 12/1 ✅Dyed In The Wool 12/1 ✅Heritage House 11/1 (r4)✅Twilight Madness 11/1✅Duke of Oxford 11/1✅Cooperation 11/1 ✅Stage Star 10/1 (r4)✅Bulldog Drummond 10/1✅Montassibe 10/1✅Recuerdame 10/1✅Savvy Knight 10/1✅Purple Martini 10/1✅Moon Over Sea 10/1✅Ok Pal 17/2 (r4)✅King Of The Jungle 9/1✅Equiami 9/1✅Do I Dream 9/1 (r4)✅Havana Touch 9/1✅Sirona 9/1✅Creme De Cacao 9/1✅Golden Rules 9/1✅Labiqa 17/2✅Slingsbytoo 17/2✅Princess Nieve 17/2✅Aleezdancer 8/1✅Spioradalta 8/1✅Captain Dandy 8/1 ✅Another Crucis 8/1 ✅El Hombre (r4) 8/1✅Dulcet Spirit 8/1✅Gorak 15/2✅Dream of Mischief 15/2✅Rambuso Creek 15/2✅Hansard 15/2✅Mehmo 15/2 ✅Nellie French 15/2✅Acai 15/2 ✅Real Gain 7/1✅Florida 7/1(r4)✅Silver Nightfall 7/1✅Free To Dream 7/1✅Pablo Del Pueblo 7/1✅Papa Ricco 13/2 (r4)✅Man Of Monaco 13/2✅Almarada Prince 13/2✅Another Angel 13/2✅Calcutta Dream 13/2✅El Hombre 13/2✅Havana Goldrush 13/2 ✅Rossmore Nation 6/1 (r4)✅May Remain 6/1✅Summerghand 6/1 (DH)✅Moswaat 6/1✅Saaheq 6/1✅No Surrender 6/1✅Gold Medal 6/1✅Dougies Dream 6/1 ✅Maruna 6/1  ✅Flatley 11/2✅Pessoa 11/2✅Dancing Gemini 11/2✅Quinalt 11/2✅Mellys Flyer 11/2 (r4)✅Marmara Star 11/2✅Akkadian Thunder 5/1✅Bellagio Man 5/1✅Expert Agent 5/1✅Micks Spirit 5/1✅Rhubarb Bikini 5/1


💥 Big priced winners in 2022💥 

✅Cape Helles 40/1 ✅Strong Power 25/1✅Cold Henry 20/1 ✅No Such Luck 20/1✅Dagmar Run 18/1 ✅Treacherous 16/1(r4)✅Intricate Pillar 16/1✅Birdie Bowers 16/1✅Adace 12/1✅Ventura Rascal 12/1✅Toronado Grey 12/1✅Daafy 12/1 ✅Dave Dexter 12/1  ✅Dinoo 11/1✅Channel Packet  11/1✅Munificent  11/1 ✅Bella Kopella 10/1✅Brasil 10/1 ✅Shorts On 10/1✅Vision of Hope 9/1✅Aldbourne 9/1✅Larkin 9/1 ✅My Brother Jack 9/1 (r4)✅Monopolise 17/2✅Ermin Street 17/2✅The Spotlight Kid 17/2 (r4)✅Bare Necessity 17/2 ✅Abuffalosoldier 8/1✅Canny Fettle 8/1✅Bearwith 8/1✅Ron O 8/1✅Nathaniel Greene 8/1 ✅Strangerontheshore 15/2✅Matched 15/2✅Blenheim Boy 15/2✅Blue Rose Cen 7/1✅Fast Response 7/1✅Mashaan 7/1 ✅Legend of Xanadu 7/1 ✅Reward Smile 7/1✅Sand Paradise 7/1✅Oh So Chic 7/1✅You're Cool 7/1 ✅Little Raven 7/1 ✅Abduction 7/1 ✅Machievello 7/1✅Dynakite 7/1 ✅Haskoy 13/2✅Chillingham 13/2(r4)✅Siam Fox 13/2✅Blue For You 13/2✅Thatsthefinest 13/2✅Rayong 13/2 (r4) ✅Have Secret 6/1✅Bobby On The Beat 6/1✅Pearl Eye 6/1✅Pink Parfait 6/1✅Hill Cove 6/1✅Al Azhar 6/1✅Last Mission 6/1 ✅Old Port 6/1 and many more


💥 What a year 2021 was💥


✅Helluvaboy 25/1 ✅Jeans Maite 18/1✅Via Sistina 16/1  ✅Tio Mio 16/1 ✅Solomons Judgement 16/1  ✅Double Legend 16/1  ✅ Cresta 14/1✅We Still Believe 14/1  ✅World of Windhover 12/1 (10pR4)  ✅Tathmeen 12/1  ✅Cheat 12/1  ✅Newton Jack 12/1  ✅Flibbertigibbet 12/1  ✅Buraback 11/1✅Green Book 11/1  ✅Just That Lord 10/1✅Aces 10/1✅King Victor 10/1  ✅A Case Of You 10/1 ✅Dylan's Lad 10/1  ✅Gainsbourg 10/1✅Wise Eagle 10/1  ✅Count Otto 9/1✅Calling The Wind 9/1 ✅State Secretary 9/1✅Visi 9/1✅Aguerooo 9/1  ✅Good News 9/1✅Mr Sensible 9/1✅Fitzrovia 9/1✅Muhalhel 9/1 - and many many more!

Once signed up to MLT CLUB 🔐 members get exclusive access to selections which will be sent via a private 'Telegram Messenger' group. The 'Telegram Messenger' App is in 'real time' so simply download the free app from the App Store.

Prices are getting cut quicker than ever and this is the best way to obtain the best odds quickly and efficiently. They are sent to the Telegram group normally around 9am with 99% of selections between 8.30am and 10.00am (this can vary occasionally with going changes, non-runners, etc.) with an alert sent a few minutes before they are sent out. These selections are often heavily gambled on runners and can represent fantastic value. We will also advise a points staking plan on each selection, as well as exclusive ante post selections. 

You will also gain access to the members area online, where you get detailed staking advice and a full results service of every selection since MLT Club started - again, only available to MLT CLUB 🔐 members.

Summary of MLT CLUB 🔐 membership below:

  • ✅ EXCLUSIVE access to ALL horse racing selections.

  • ✅ Option of 1 or 3 month recurring payments or a 6 or 12 month one off subscription 

  • ✅ Prices start from just 96p a day (Annual option)

  • ✅ Selections sent via Telegram App in real time (with an alert)

  • ✅ 'Points' stake advised on all selections

  • ✅ Access to members area with staking plan and results

  • ✅ Ante post selections that will only be sent to this private group


*Membership is subject to our terms and conditions. Please allow 12 hours for us to process your application to MLT Club (this may take longer during busy periods). We do not offer refunds, either in part or in full, and profit is not guaranteed whatsoever. We reserve the right to refuse membership. Should you wish to cancel a recurring monthly payment contact PayPal. 

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